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Welcome to Ballet Bubs

About Ballet Bubs


Ballet Bubs is a beautiful dance program designed especially for 2-5 year old children.
It is a fun filled class where children are able to explore their creativity with magical props, imaginative stories & play, all set to age appropriate music.


Every exercise and activity has a purpose for the specific age group. The lesson plans are set up to have the right amount of learning and play—technique versus fun and games.


I’m a strong believer in learning through play, which allows us to maximize learning and technical development while also inspiring kids to love ballet and develop creativity, artistry, kindness, and self-confidence.


A class where children can be children & at the same time introduce the fundamentals of dance & early childhood skills.

Jnr Bubs 2&3 year olds

Snr Bubs 4&5 year olds

* Sunshine Coast Location Coming Soon 


   Days TBC

10-10.30 Jnr Bubs

 10.30-11 Snr Bubs



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Our Ballet Bubs are able to wear whatever makes them feel like a princess or fairy or something that makes them feel extraordinary, there is no set uniform.

Parents are welcome to sit in & watch their Bubs however encouraged to allow their children to participate in the class independently where possible.

This allows the children to be able to gain important independence while having the security of  seeing their parent close by.

If children are confident then parents are also welcome to take a coffee break while the class is on.

Our qualified & experienced staff will guide & nurture your little Bub & ensure a magical time is had.

Click here for Ballet Bubs Sunshine Coast
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