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Ballet Bubs is a beautiful dance program designed especially for 2&3 year old children.
It is a fun filled class where children are able to explore their creativity with magical props, imaginative stories & play, all set to age appropriate music.

Every exercise and activity has a purpose for the specific age group. The lesson plans are set up to have the right amount of learning and play—technique versus fun and games.

A class where children can be children & at the same time introduce the fundamentals of dance & early childhood skills.



Ballet provides children with self discipline, beautiful posture, strength of body, mind, character & spirit. It develops confidence, coordination,   concentration,   expression & music appreciation. All of this in a nurturing, caring & creative environment. A perfect physical foundation for any-body.

Ballet is the most challenging of dance forms and also incredibly rewarding. The amount of knowledge & understanding children acquire from Classical Ballet will stay with them & assist them through their lives, long after their childhood classes are over.


Jazz is structured to enhance student’s flexibility, develop expression & style, improve coordination & develop musicality. But most of all jazz is to let loose & have fun. Incorporated in some of these jazz classes are funk & hip hop. This enables students to understand & try different styles of popular dance culture. These classes are accompanied by all the latest chart music……& some of the old.


These classes are available to students who love to perform on stage. Students need to be very committed to be able to take part in the group as it involves team work. Students are required to attendant least 1 RAD ballet class per week. We strongly advise students to be aware of the expectations when joining these groups. Groups are entered into various eisteddfods at various locations throughout the year & I must say, they have an absolute ball.



Mini Movers is for you high energy 3-5 year old, who just laves to groove to their favourite funky songs. Based on jazz style of dancing this is where children can learn some cool dude moves!

Mini Movers is offered at our Frenchs Forest Studio.



Modern dance is sometimes described as a free form of ballet. Its fluidic, flowing movements are as mesmerising as ballet but it is free & more physically expressive. The body is taught to “let go” of movements as opposed to sustaining a more controlled posture.
Contemporary is a more abstract form of dance with a much more intense way of physical expression. Both forms are very rewarding for dancers. However, as these styles of dance can be quite difficult to grasp, classes are only offered to students from the age of 10 & over. Classical ballet classes are strongly recommended to those students wishing to do these classes.


Hip Hop is a style that stems from Street Dancing and Break Dancing more than 30 years ago. It has evolved into a very popular dance style especially for teenagers. This style, in it's true form, is for older students as the movements involved, are more easily attained by a more mature student. This style has been made famous by the Hip Hop and Rap artists of today and of course Television shows such as "So You Think You Can Dance".

MUSICAL THEATRE​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A combination of dance and drama, recreating memorable routines and production numbers from stage and screen. 


Pom is a style of dance in which the dancers use poms throughout the routine. It incorporates the use of proper pom motion technique that is sharp, clean and precise while incorporating other dance styles including jazz and hip hop. Technical work including leaps, turns, kicks, splits & jumps are taught. Poms add style & excitement to dance styles by creating incredible patterns & formations of the dancers. Pom is a true team sport with every member being important to the success of the team. Most of all- it is SO much fun!


Ballet Bubs


Mini Movers




Hip Hop


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