Welcome to Ballet Bubs!

Ballet Bubs is a beautiful dance program designed especially for 2&3 year old children.
It is a fun filled class where children are able to explore their creativity with magical props, imaginative stories & play, all set to age appropriate music.

Every exercise and activity has a purpose for the specific age group. The lesson plans are set up to have the right amount of learning and play—technique versus fun and games.

I’m a strong believer in learning through play, which allows us to maximize learning and technical development while alsoinspiring kids to love ballet and develop creativity, artistry, kindness, and self-confidence.

A class where children can be children & at the same time introduce the fundamentals of dance & early childhood skills.

Classes are held at the Mona Vale Guide Hall on the following days

Tuesday 10-10:30

Thursday 10-10:30

Friday 10-10:30