NBDA Updates

* Happy New Year!               Jan 2022

* Morganne update.              Term 4 2021

* Georgia update.                  Term 4 2021

* Term 4 timetable change   Term 4 2021

* Concert date change.         Term 3 2021


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & New Year.


Please go to your Parent Portal to register all your classes. Check out our new classes there too!!

Update from Morganne.....

I'm happy to report that our Morganne is doing well over in Hamburg at The Hamburg Ballet School. I have had some lovely updates & seen some beautiful photos of what she is seeing. Keep up the good work Morganne!!!!

Update from Georgia.....

Georgia is having a blast in Mannheim at Akademie des Tanzes. She is working hard & seeing some of the sights including a recent quick trip over to Paris!! Well done George! Keep working hard.

Term 4 Timetable.....

Please check emails & your Parent Portal as there have been some unavoidable however temporary changes to the Term 4 timetable.

Concert date change.....

Due to the lockdown, we have decided to postpone our 2021 concert. The new date is 8th April 2022.

Please check your Parent Portal for concert details.

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